EGLAF Teething Mitten Review

With a baby in the house that is teething, and wants to chew on everything, including his hands, I was looking for something that would be soft and easy for him to hold.  I came across this teething mitten.  It is easy to use and secures nicely to my son’s hand with the Velcro strap.  The “rubber” on the top is soft and durable.   It also came very nicely packaged.

It also comes in 2 colors currently, blue and pink.

Eglaf Teething Mitten provides an innovative way to relieve and soothe your teething baby. The soft, flexible mitten is a solution for babies who cannot keep hold of teethers, while also protecting baby from chewing on their hand. A variety of colors captivate your baby while the soft silicone provides stimulation to gums and emerging teeth. BEFORE USE PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW FOR GENERAL MAINTENANCE: Wash and dry fully before first use. Wash mitt and bag (if used for storage) regularly between uses to remove all saliva, milk/food residue from fabric. Quick hand clean - Scrub any area that has come in contact with saliva with dish soap and hot water. To Dry - Ring it out and dry in dryer OR open mitt and let air dry fully (preferably in sunlight). Full wash - Can be hand washed or machine washed (in or out of bag provided) on a gentle cycle. To Dry - Remove mitt from bag and open as much as possible, machine dry both bag and mitt on low/med. heat, gentle cycle and/or air dry fully. •Do not dry on very high heat or over-dry in dryer. •If mitt fabric is wet after use by baby, wipe off saliva, leave mitt out to dry fully before storing. •Never store mitt when damp after washing/use in any air tight place. •Discard mitt if it becomes very worn or damaged.