Fiverr - A website that everything starts at $5, but you should look elsewhere if you're a seller


So I was a member over at Fiverr for the past few years, doing some simple stuff to make some extra cash.  Recently, I found the blog Gigslerr, which I would recommend checking out, who has a list of Top Alternatives for Fiverr.  I won't mention them here, but I have checked all of them out and created an account, created gigs, and will let you know how it goes.  But why not Fiverr?

Well, you don't even earn a full $5. Fiverr commission is 20%, which is huge by any standards! So essentially, you only get $4, and the remaining one dollar goes to Fiverr. Imagine you complete 200 gigs in a month. You will only get $800, where you could be getting a full grand. That's just $200 down the drain!

I have had some buyers ask to pay me through PayPal instead of Fiverr, which looking back on it wish that I did.  Some buyers even asked me why do I have an account on Fiverr when I can make much more money doing it from my own website.  Well, you would have more of a chance of getting orders through Fiverr than my own website.

I also was recently banned from Fiverr because I broke a third party rule, which I searched said third party website and did not see anything along those lines.  Been emailing them without response, which is another reason I was looking for a new website.

So I might hold a grudge against them, but after seeing what else is out there, I highly recommend looking elsewhere than Fiverr if you want to sale things.  If you want to buy things, Fiverr has some great services, but even compare them on the other recommended websites from Gigslerr.