Light up Beach Ball by LED Fury Review

The Light up Beach Ball by LED Fury is a nice addition around the house for parties. 

The ball, after blowing it up, seems to be durable. I was bouncing it around hiting it off corners and it did not break. My dog even went to bit at it and nothing, so it is durable. Easy to turn on and lights up pretty well in the dark.

The only thing that is a pain, is trying to blow it up with your mouth.  It takes forever.  I recommend on getting a pump to blow up this ball, the easiest way to go about it.

About the Product:

·  BRIGHTEN UP ANY PARTY WITH WATERPROOF LED BEACH BALLS – This innovative light up beach ball is great for nights at the pool, nights at the beach, birthday parties, glow in the dark parties, wedding receptions, or any other special occasion worth celebrating. Includes one beach ball which inflates to 26 inches. Red, six inch by three inch “LED FURY” logo is included on one side of the ball.

·  EASY TO USE AND COMPLETELY SAFE – We know that once the party begins, this ball may fly around and reach sensitive areas. That’s why we designed it without any protruding sharp edges or messy glow sticks/tubes. The batteries that provide power are properly encapsulated and secured in safe plastic. To activate the lights all you do is press the on/off button and the party is on!

·  DESIGNED TO LAST– This Light up Beach ball is made from high quality 18mm PVC plastic. It inflates to 26” and can be moderately hit and thrown. The non-removable batteries will last 100+ hours. After 10-20 minutes of play the ball will automatically shift to “Low Power “ mode. Colors will appear less bright and change slower. To reset this feature, simply turn the power off then on again.

·  MAGICAL AND OUT-OF-THIS WORLD EXPERIENCE – Just like how the stars bring light to the darkest nights, these 100% waterproof LED beach balls can shed a unique kind of brightness to any dull moment. Surprise your kids, friends or guests with this eye-catching and entertaining glow-in-the-dark, color changing effect that most people have never seen!

✔ Inflates up to 26 inch

✔ON / Off Switch

✔Changes color automatically

✔ Ideal for Indoor & outdoor Use

✔ Made of high quality .18mm pvc material

✔ 100% Water proof