Creativeline SpeedRipper Speed Cube - 3x3 Review

I have tried and played with various brands of what most people call a Rubik's Cube.  This one is from a brand called Creativeline.  It is smooth turning, the corners are rounded so they do not get caught, very durable, and the stickers are firmly attached.  This is a great cube for all experience levels, from beginners to professional.

About the product:

·         THE NEXT GENERATION SPEED CUBE - Speed-up your solving time without any effort. SpeedRipper Cube has an all new mechanism with faster movement, amazing corner cutting and zero pops. It definitely turns much better than any other speed cubes. One of the best 3x3x3 speed cubes in the world.

·         PRO COMPETITION CUBE - Excellently engineered 3x3x3 speed cube allows smooth and easy-to-twist play; provides a firm but not too tight grip and each cube comes pre-lubricated and finely adjusted; and arrives ready to play! Perfect for international competitions, too!

·         SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES - Crafted with eco-friendly ABS material and long-lasting, non-fading stickers with vivid colors, this cube is ideal to increase the intelligence of the kids and to release the working pressure of the adults. Suitable for beginner and professional player. Play now with your family and friends!

·         ULTIMATE GIFT FOR ALL SEASONS - Nobody falls out of love with the 3x3 cube. Ultimate Christmas/Birthday gift for kids, friends, family members, beginners, and professionals! Provides hours of enjoyable game play; perfect for reducing stress, exercising your brain, improving memory and practicing hands-on dexterity skills.

In speed cubing, we often face the problem of corner twist and it ruins our solving every time it occurs. With the square corners contact surface design of SpeedRipper Cube, corner twist is non-existent without compromising the reverse corner cutting feature.

With proper lube and tension, our cube can cut at 45 degree angle. The upgraded triple edge feet help in triple corner-cutting ability of the cube.

The primary core is made of high grade injected plastic ABS that regulates core friction at high speed rotation. It ensures all parts of the cube will not pop out during fast rotation solves especially during competitions.

Even though our cube has square corners contact surface design, it does not hinder its ability to reverse corner cut up to 4/5 a piece. Thanks to its upgraded circular corner feet, you can reverse corner cut with ease.