Water Gallon Challenge: Drink One Gallon of water a day - Week 2

I have been doing the gallon of water a day for 2 weeks now.   The second week is much easier than the first week.  I have noticed that during this past week, I have been craving water.  But even more important, I have not had a soda or beer since I have start this.  I was typically drinking a can of soda every day or two and haven’t even craved it once in the past two weeks.

One tip that I am going to share is to drink more water earlier in the day.  You will stay hydrated more throughout the day, and won’t wake up as often throughout the night to use the bathroom.  Speaking of that, my urine is a lot clearer than it was previously.

I am still getting a good night sleep.  I have been falling asleep within 5 minutes of lying down in bed.  Previously I would toss and turn for between 15-20 minutes until I would fall asleep.  With getting better sleep I have more energy throughout the day and haven’t been yawning as much as I used too.

One of my drinks that I mix for my workouts is a mixture of Advocare Mango Strawberry Spark and the Advocare Chocolate Peanut Butter Meal Replacement Shake.  I mix it into a standard BlenderBottle and am using a Camelbak bottle for water.