New Day, New Blog

Welcome to the new Advocare & Health Blog.  I decided to set it up as its own blog page.  Easier to differentiate which posts are which this way.

Advocare is a company that sells nutrition, weight-loss, energy and sports performance products.  On the home page is a direct link (click on the Independent Distributor button) to my store if you are interested in buying the product or even selling it (if you want to sale it, click on log in and then become a Distributor). AdvoCare offers more than 90 general nutrition, weight loss, energy and sports performance products including Trim, Active, Well, Performance Elite, Skincare and the 24 Day Challenge.

We have made it a passion to live a life of true physical and mental wellness, and we are here to provide that same passion for you! Being athlete’s means to take care of your body and train properly along with providing your body with the best possible nutrients. Growing up, we both would try supplements all the time and nothing really worked how the advertisement said it would. So when we were introduced to Advocare we thought why not, we have tried numerous products off the shelf that didn't really work so what's one more? As soon as we took my first product from Advocare we immediately were hooked and knew that I would never take another off the shelf supplement. We trust in this product and believe in it not just to distribute it, but to take it daily. Still as active as we are, we need the proper nutrition for a well maintained healthy lifestyle and Advocare gives us just that. You have nothing to lose but all to gain by taking such an immaculate product with guaranteed results. So why wait, jump into it and know that you will better your full physical and mental wellness. I challenge you to take this step and become a part of a new healthy lifestyle. With Advocare you can become the NEW YOU!

If you have any questions about any of the products or anything else, feel free to contact me directly.


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